Neon Shifter


About us:

We are Couch in the Woods Interactive, an upcoming Indie-Studio from the heart of the Black Forest, Germany. Our vision is to create casual gaming experiences for everyone combined with innovative technologies and modern game design.

Current project:

NEON SHIFTER is a fast paced but casual sports-arena game in space where players control their spacepods in a physics-based 3D topdown environment and compete in pinball-like arenas. Gravity and other physical concepts have to be used, to control the ball and to shoot and score a goals. It is meant to be played in local hotseat and online matchmaking. NEON SHIFTER is focussed on simple mechanics and interaction combined with a high emergent environment to make the game as accessible as possible while providing a sandbox for more advanced plays and creative strategies. To support a long term fun experience, NEON SHIFTER will provide various Arena Layouts with lots of different interactable objects and play modes, such as: team-arena, king-of-the-hill, trainings challanges, pinball-mode and more to come. In addition, NEON SHIFTER will experiment with Unity-ML Agents for creating very natural behaving and dynamically adjustable agents. First research results have been achieved upon the NEON SHIFTER prototype.

CouchintheWoods 10 Monaten ago
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