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Our company
Pinke Welle was founded in January 2020 by Susanne Roos Lima and Katja Grathwohl and started
direct sales via its own online shop in June 2020. Pinke Welle also has successful collaborations
with retail partners within Europe.
The company offers washable and reusable period underwear, which is a sustainable alternative to
disposable products such as tampons, pads, and incontinence pads. Pinke Welle’s goal is to reduce
the consumption of disposable products in the feminine hygiene sector and to bring about a change
in thinking towards more sustainability and environmental protection. It is important to Pinke Welle
to talk openly about menstruation and to normalize the topic.
As a female founding team, Pinke won second place in the Female Founders Cup 2020 of the StartUp BW initiative of the state of Baden-Württemberg with a convincing pitch and mature business
Since January 2021, Susanne Roos Lima has been managing the Pinke Welle company as CEO.
Susanne has years of experience in sales at an internationally operating trading company in the food
sector and completed her second degree in 2019, graduating with a Master of Science in Business
Information Systems. In her private life, she lives with her husband and three children in the South
of Germany.

Advantages of Pinke Welle period panties:
– Washable and reusable
– PETA-Approved Vegan
– Biocide-free, without silver or zinc pyrithione
– One period panty holds up to 40ml of fluid (about the same as 4 normal tampons) and can
be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on the intensity of bleeding
– Alternative for light incontinence and also for postmenstrual flow
– Non-invasive and therefore especially suitable for young girls.

Our Mission and vision
Every menstruating woman produces 152 kg of waste in her lifetime through her menstrual hygiene
products. and that is in Germany alone! It takes a whole 500 years for this waste to decompose!
To counteract this problem, we have the solution: reusable period panties. And because
sustainability is very close to our hearts, Pinke Welle briefs are mostly made of resource-saving
bamboo viscose. We offer stylish models in great colors, with the goal: every woman should feel
beautiful in her underwear!
Our mission is: periods should not be a taboo subject. Women of all ages should feel comfortable in
Pinke Welle period underwear. In particular, we want to provide young girls with a safe and
comfortable product to wear from their first period onwards.
To achieve this, wherever panty liners and tampons are on the shelf, Pinke Welle period underwear
should offer a sustainable alternative.

Our Product
The integrated 4-layer technology consists of four layers that are nevertheless thin and comfortable
to wear:
1. Inner layer (close to the body): quick-drying material made of natural fibers, which passes on
the liquid as fast as lightning.
2. 2nd layer: Absorbent layer which absorbs and holds the liquid like a sponge.
3. 3rd layer: waterproof membrane as leakage protection, so that nothing leaks out
4. 4th layer: Breathable and silky soft outer material.

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